The Québec Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association (QRBHCA) represents contractors and suppliers in the road construction, civil engineering and major works sectors in Québec, Canada and abroad.

The construction industry’s civil engineering and roads sector is a key element of Québec’s economy. The QRBHCA represents employers involved in the construction of roads, bridges, sewers and water supply systems, wind energy facilities, hydro-electricity dams, energy transmission lines and pipelines.

It is the acknowledged representative of the construction industry’s civil engineering and road works sector. In 1995, it was asked by the Québec government to negotiate, apply and monitor the civil engineering and road works sector collective agreement in Québec.

The QRBHCA’s role is to represent and promote the general interests of the civil engineering and road works industry in general, and the interests of its members in particular, in dealings with order-givers and the general public.

As a service agency, the QRBHCA also has the mission of ensuring that its members continue to work in an informed, competent and reliable way for their order-givers.


  • To protect the collective interests of its members and provide conditions conducive to good business and top quality construction work.
  • To adopt positions on issues in a variety of areas, including labour relations, workplace health and safety, training and sustainable development.
  • To ensure that it is consulted by government authorities on proposed legislation and regulations that will affect the construction industry.
  • To provide contractors with legal, technical and other advice and information, in order to help them achieve or maintain the highest quality standards.
  • To defend the collective interests of employers with respect to trade union demands and take steps to ensure peace on construction sites and harmony in labour relations.




The Quebec Road Builders Association was originally created by a small group of road work contractors.

The Association immediately focused its efforts on obtaining changes to the provincial Roads Department contract specifications, and also worked on numerous other issues including:

  • the provincial tax on aggregates
  • heavy machinery rental fees
  • a fair salary structure
  • unit prices
  • the contributions payable to the Commission des accidents du travail du Québec (which became the Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail).

The Quebec Road Builders Association quickly became the interlocutor of choice in dealings with order-givers in the public works sector.


As Québec society boomed, the Association’s membership increased tenfold, from 50 to 500. Its members were present on every major building site in Québec.

The Quebec Road Builders Association changed its name, becoming the Quebec Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association (QRBHCA), to reflect the increasingly diverse range of civil engineering works.


The QRBHCA had been granted status as an employers’ representative in 1968, but lost this privilege in 1975 in the wake of the Cliche Commission. As a result, the industry witnessed the birth of the Association des entrepreneurs en construction du Québec (AECQ).


In 1996, the Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and workforce management in the construction industry (R-20) entrusted the QRBHCA with the task of negotiating, applying and monitoring the civil engineering and road works sector collective agreement in Québec.

This was an extremely important change within the industry – one that gave the QRBHCA a leading role and considerable responsibility.


  • You benefit from the QRBHCA’s dealings with various government departments  And agencies.
  • As a regular member, you are automatically affiliated with the Canadian Construction Association (CCA).
  • The QRBHCA’s staff are able to advise you on legal, technical, labour relations, health and safety issues.
  • You are informed about negotiations,
    monitoring and application of the civil engineering and road works collective
  • You have access to an advantageous
    insurance program.
  • Your company’s name appears in the directory of members, which is used by order givers.
  • You have access to continuous training.
  • Certain special events are reserved exclusively for you, including the annual
    conference and the golf tournament.